Non-Newtonian fluids have been characterized over the decades, and such characterizations may be used to model a new approach in engineering disciplines. Non-Newtonian fluids are classified as non-time dependent and time-dependent fluids. This paper focuses on the non-time dependent classification, specifically pseudoplastic fluids. The ranges in these fluids allow the proposed model to be validated.

The new reservoir model accounts for non-Newtonian behavior within a double-porosity reservoir. This model demonstrates an interporosity transfer function for pseudosteady state, based on a new parameter: dimensionless matrix contribution (D). This parameter differentiates our method from previous efforts based on the pseudosteady state interporosity flow for Newtonian fluids introduced in the 1960's.

We derive the partial differential equation for a non-Newtonian flow within a double porosity reservoir under pseudosteady state interporosity transfer conditions. The solution presented is for an infinite acting reservoir (assuming the corresponding initial, inner and outer conditions).

The objective of this paper is to deliver and provide tools that may help to characterize double porosity reservoir under the condition that a non-Newtonian fluid is present, and the interporosity transfer conditions between a matrix system and a fracture system are in pseudosteady-state.

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