Decision-making processes for selecting an oil exploitation strategy can be complex due to the high number of variables to be optimized. Many times, it can be unfeasible to search an optimal solution by evaluating a high quantity of variables simultaneously. In this case, assisted methods that involve engineering analyses and mathematical optimization algorithms are an alternative to obtain a good solution. This paper shows the application of an assisted method to optimize a large number of variables of an oil exploitation strategy. The proposed methodology is to order and combine different optimization procedures with practical engineering analysis. The optimization variables include number and position of wells, platform capacities, wells opening schedule and wells shut-in time. The methodology is applied to a reservoir model based on a Brazilian offshore oil field to discuss the results obtained. Results indicate an efficient procedure for evaluating deterministic scenarios, suggesting optimization procedures for each decision variable and enabling the achievement of good quality solutions with a reasonable number of simulation runs. This is useful in many practical cases, mainly those, which require runs with long simulation time.

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