More than 70% of global oil production derives from mature fields. With current elevated prices, the revitalization and optimization of these fields are of great commercial appeal and interest. However, revitalization requires technologies and procedures for quick analysis and diagnosis of the field in addition to established technical solutions to help improve productivity and counter high levels of pressure and production decline.

In 2013, in the southern region of Mexico, workflow integration for integral analysis of well productivity in mature fields and naturally fractured carbonate reservoirs, in combination with joint efforts of several product service lines and their technological solutions, have been key to identifying a portfolio of opportunities for well interventions. Of which, in a short time period, an increase to production of 1, 843 STB/D of oil was achieved, with only 54.5% of the proposed activity involving well services.

In view of the energy requirements in the world and the low rate of discovery of new reserves, many companies have targeted maximizing the exploitation of mature fields. Therefore, this study intends to establish effective techniques, methodologies, best practices, and lessons learned developed by multidisciplinary teams performed in Mexico during the past eight years. This strategy has helped increase oil and gas production in areas where it was previously considered unlikely because of complexity issues, such as low pressures, low permeability, organic deposits, scales, advanced fluid, reservoir dynamics, and mechanical problems, among others. These efforts have resulted in highly successful solutions as well as added value to the national operator.

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