This paper presents a methodology for the selection of the enhanced oil recovery technologies that better applies to some group of fields using screening criteria. The methodology has been integrated in a software in order to make repetitive analysis in an easier way, and has been applied for identifying the technologies whit higher technical potential of application in the Colombian Fields which have the biggest amount of oil in place (approximately 80%). The methodology incorporates oil and rock properties and the reservoir current conditions, besides the specific knowledge of the reservoir generalities and history.

In some Colombian fields, processes that use water, gas or steam have been applied; additionally, some other projects using water, gas, chemicals and air are in a design stage at this moment, however, more than 90% of the approximately 280 Colombian fields are still in primary recovery. This is one of the main reasons for having an oil average recovery factor of about 21%, and it also states the need of using methodologies that allow identifying the best investment options. The technologies considered in this analysis were: water injection, lean gas, rich gas, N2, WAG, CO2 (miscible and immiscible), polymer, surfactant – polymer, steam (cyclic and continuous) and some others such as CHOPS, VAPEX, WET VAPEX, SAGD, in situ combustion and electromagnetic heating.

The application of the methodology presented in this study allowed to identify the enhanced oil recovery technologies with higher potential for being applied in the Colombian fields with biggest amount of oil in place; it also generated a guide for the construction of every analyzed field development plan, which is presented as an example for the Cocorná heavy oil field.

The subject treated in this paper is more important for companies that own an important number of fields, and need to identify those with better characteristics for enhanced oil recovery projects in a quick and easy way; however, it is also very useful for companies that are beginning to develop any specific field.

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