Secondary and tertiary oil recovery technologies are not a common practice in Colombia. There are only 23 secondary oil recovery applications in a commercial level, and tertiary projects are limited to pilots that for different reasons have not been taken to the next level and to steam injections projects (huff & puff) in some heavy oil fields. However, Colombian interest and knowledge about the topic is every time higher and there exist different registers about an important number of initiatives to laboratory level that included modeling tasks for specific fields.

This paper looks around the different EOR§ initiatives that have existed in Colombia, from laboratory to field scale; in the same way, the research activities that have been done in the Instituto Colombiano del Petróleo (I.C.P.) of ECOPETROL S.A. are highlighted, where an important percentage of the jobs have been done, and where the necessary tools for modeling and evaluating almost every process exist. There are also presented in this paper the actual efforts in EOR, identifying the technologies for which exist the highest attention and the number of projects in design stage.

From the material presented in this article it is possible to understand the EOR potential in Colombia, to identify the increasing interest in the subject, to recognize opportunities in the subject and to learn from the applications done until now.

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