The northeastern region of Brazil is the largest onshore oil producer in the country. However, regional oil production is still much less than offshore production in other Brazilian basins. Therefore, customized low-cost technologies are routinely employed locally to deal with issues, such as perforation plugging, scaling, and sediments production, for example. Heavy oil produced in this area builds up paraffin and asphaltene deposits over time, further decreasing productivity of the fields. This paper discusses applying a true fluidic oscillator (TFO), an enhanced rocker tool (ERT) that synergistically combines fluidic, acoustic, and chemical effects, to enhance the action of a fluid treatment on the formation. Usually, this tool is used in conjunction with coiled tubing (CT) equipment. Because the operator considered a CT operation too expensive for the needs of this region, the tool was run into the well with a regular work string as a lower-cost alternative. Three similar wells in the Potiguar Basin were selected and treated with diesel and butyl glycol through the TFO with significant improvement in estimated permeability and oil production (an increase of 20% to 240%) after treatment. Overall, the tool enhanced the treatment effectiveness by amplifying the contact area between fluids and formation. This demonstrated the applicability of this cost-effective solution for stimulation of low-productivity wells.

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