Trinidad&s prolific reservoirs often require sand control completions to mitigate detrimental solids production. Cased-hole gravel packs, open-hole gravel packs, frac packs, and screen-only completions have all been implemented offshore in Trinidad; this paper summarizes lessons learned from these wells. In 2001 a retrospective study on the completion history in five of Trinidad&s Eastern offshore gas fields was initiated to help bridge the gap between previous completion performance and future wells requiring a step change in rate and reliability. The project goals were to compile a comprehensive data set of Trinidad sand control completion information, understand well failure mechanisms and recommend best practices for future well design. Outcomes from the 75 well study include a correlation from failed sand control completions leading to more conservative gravel sizing criteria and improved prediction of formation sanding potential. Where competent sand control completions have been installed, draw down restrictions have been relaxed enabling gas wells to produce at high rates. Several recommendations from the retrospective have been incorporated into the 2002 completion designs and are believed to be contributing factors towards the increasing reliability observed.

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