The weakest characteristic of most scaled reservoir models is the incompetence of describing accurately the reservoir heterogeneity. This limitation has a strong impact in the adequate match of existing historical data, usually resulting in unrealistic predictions. The scaled reservoir model validation is a fundamental step toward developing a successful reservoir simulation model. The results achieved from an imprecise simulation model can be more harmful for reservoir management decisions than not having a simulation model at all.

In this paper we present a quick and efficient application designed to meet specific needs to preserve, in scaled models, the reservoir heterogeneities represented in high-resolution geostatistical realizations. The developed tool works in a systematized architecture where multi-attributes as geological, petrophysical and reservoir objects are stored in a dynamic hierarchical platform. The validation procedure, which works as a 3D visual interactive platform, includes optimization methods and transmissibility definitions using vertical windows.

We have applied the proposed tool to Dina Cretaceos and Palogrande Fields, Valle Superior del Magdalena Basin in Colombia, South America. The Dina Cretaceos Field is estimated to contain over 180 million barrels of oil in place of which 26% has been produced. The Palogrande Field is estimated to contain over 230 million barrels of oil in place with a recovery of 20.5 %. Departing from high-resolution geostatistical reservoir images, scaled models for simulation purposes were built up and validated with our tool. The flow capacity tuning procedure, a strong stratigraphic constraining, and a detailed control of sand to sand connections reduced the risk of oversimplifying the scaling up process. Therefore, a much better reservoir heterogeneity representation was achieved and a suitable history matching were possible without manipulating, deforming, or even losing the physical sense of the model.

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