Graphical application of the gas Material Balance Equation (MBE), P/Z plots, have typically been used to predict the gas in place (GIP) of volumetric reservoirs. Few reservoirs however, are truly volumetric and several workers have developed procedures to correct such P/Z plots, particularly in over pressured regimes, for the pressure maintaining effects of rock collapse and/or shale water influx.

The paper examines and discusses the applicability of eight (8) such procedures to the mildly overpressured, relatively low yield, gas condensate Kiskadee Field in which the original GIP is known from late life P/Z data and in which pressure maintaining effects on the early life P/Z data were not previously recognised.

Production, bottom hole pressure, PVT and pore volume compressibility data are used to analyse the early and late life P/Z data of each identified fault block and to determine the extent and causes of apparent early life pressure maintenance as well as observed variations in the degree of pressure maintenance in individual blocks. A modification is proposed to the Bourgoyne procedure that accurately corrects the early life P/Z data of mildly overpressured reservoirs. A further modification is proposed to correct late life P/Z data for the effects of decreasing shale water influx and increasing water saturation. This further modification is successfully applied and results in GIP estimates that are within 3 % of the known volume.

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