Around the years 1967 and 1968 saw the need to design a different type of installation in Intermittent Gas Lift system due to large perforated sections and lack of optimization lift point. In August 1967, the first change to installation type Bottom Lateral Taking (BLT) was the 3B-2 well in Litoral field, with a thickness of sand over 1000 feet, which began with a production of 44 bpd, the same as currently produces 16 bpd.

Installation of BLT type consists of two parallel pipelines united on the bottom, a 2-3/8″ tubing serves where fluids from entering the well and a 1″ or 1-1/4 ″ tubing which is the pipe where gas is injected. As part of the completion requires special accessories like baboons support, guide and sliding chuck shirts, that will support the pipe to prevent kinking while is deepening.

For the good results obtained in the area of Litoral campaign for change continued installation of conventional types and BLT type camera, with the passage of time the accessories used in the completion have been refined by the versatility of system your application is being extended to the different fields of the Peruvian Northwest.

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