This work presents an analysis method to determine the real torque value in pumping unit gearboxes using telemetry monitoring.

The traditional methods of determining torque based on API 11E calculations require on-site surveys of the unit counterweighting based on the position of the counterweights, or pressures in the air-balanced system.

Here we analyze other options for determining torque, based on traditional analysis methods like the ones used by Mills, as well as the determination of torque based on the behavior of the electric motor (SPE 13198), through a study of the results from real wells in an oilfield in Patagonia Argentina.

Finally, we propose a calculation algorithm using a combination of the motor performance analysis and the calculations based on API 11E, allowing us to determine the real torque of the units in real time from telemetry, eliminating the need to make on-site surveys of the counterweighting of the unit.

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