This paper presents the implementation of an inverted ESP pumping system for injecting water purposes in YPF SA.

In some fields, where it is not yet available facilities in the surface for water treatment and subsequent injection by mean of a conventional system, it is convenient to use an electric submersible pump installed in the injection well. This can be used for pilot testing in some potential areas to start a secondary recovery project. This well has an aquifer available which meets the technical and legislative conditions to be injected in another layer below. This second layer is of particular interest in starting secondary recovery tests.

Both layers are insulated by mean of a standard packer, locked before the ESP deployment.

In the upper side of the packer, the ESP is installed having instrumentation to monitor the water flow rate injected.

In particular this equipment has, unlike a conventional ESP, a seal and a centrifugal pump placed in the bottom side of the motor. A down-hole sensor is located at the top side where all equipment is hanging from.

This report will show the technical challenges and design criteria experienced by YPF SA and GE Oil & Gas for pump selection, instrumentation, fitting and accessories required for completion

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