This paper analyzes the improvement of opportunities that are possible to save energy in Cerro Dragon. The analysis studies the points where energy is wasted and how it can be reduced without the need to fall into additional expenses on not proven technology that could affect the good failure index achieved so far. Studying the Artificial Lift as a whole, from surface to downhole, efficiency can be increased in 10% only by changing few specifications and working methodology.

ESPs have overall efficiencies that vary depending on type of well, depth; type of equipment deployed and could reach 30% to 60%. The higher value belongs to shallow well having big casing/ESP equipment. The lower value is the typical condition for most deep wells (>2300m) having 5 1/2inch casing.

Panamerican Energy generates its own energy by means of gas turbines and that gas which is produced in the field. This paper shows the potential energy savings and the M3 of gas that can be delivered to the market instead of burn it in the turbines by focusing on the main inefficient points of the artificial lift equipment.

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