Recent advances in exploration and energy extraction have been significant and occurred very quickly, greatly impacting the US economy. A major component of these advances is the electrical submersible pump (ESP), which targets high-volume energy extraction. Consequently, ESP testing system demands are increasing to new levels. Reliable and safe testing systems that provide quick, accurate, and repeatable results are highly desirable.

A service company recently developed a highly accurate, reliable, and fast ESP testing system. The new, improved testing system incorporates a control valve coupled with an actuator, two electromagnetic flow meters, a variable frequency driver (VFD), and programmable logic controller (PLC) driven automation. API standards were strictly followed concerning flow, pressure, and torque measurements. A proprietary software package allows real-time communication with the PLC and helps operators to run tests and to post test results online. Finally, identified safety issues were mitigated, either by design or administrative methods, to help minimize their severity.

The newly improved testing system helps reduce pump testing time by 75%. This new design is also modular, which helps to reduce transportation/installation costs and greatly simplifies installation.

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