One of the most common problems in operations with ESP equipment is the increase of the non-production time during Electrical Submersible Pumps installation in highly deviated or tight casing wells. This often results in mechanical damage to the power cable that creates lost insulation problems that cannot be rapidly identified.

One solution to this issue is the implementation of a device called MWI (measuring while installing) created by Baker Hughes that helps reduce the non-productive time, ensuring an operation with less hours of rig-downtime during an ESP installation. This paper will focus on the real time measurement performed by the MWI through the ESP downhole sensor, which replaces the standard adopted practice of taking electrical measurements repetitively every 1000 ft. This practice did not allow to rapidly identify insulation problems during ESP running, but only when there was a stop for electrical measurements. Besides, the implementation of the MWI reduces the electrical exposure risk avoiding the need to take electrical measurement several times in a single operation.

The MWI was implemented as a field tool that provides a fast response capability during an ESP installation issue generating savings of 4 to 10 hours of NPT per ESP installation, while providing a high quality service from Baker Hughes to Ecopetrol, the operating company.

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