Oil and Gas industry use PLT methods to obtain information of the reservoir, dynamic test using ESP artificial lift systems with Bypass to allow have access to the perforations has been commonly used on 9 5/8" Casing on different weights. However not all the time those casing sizes are available raising the requirement of logging on 7" casing configuration which require slim design equipment on both ESP and By pass tools in order to leave enough clearance not only to run and pull the equipment safely but also to make it suitable for PLT logging (using Wireline and Coil tubing) when installed on hi deviated well configurationsi 

The purpose of the following paper is to present a real example of a successful installation of 7" Bypass Systems with successful PLT logging experience in Rubiales Field (Pacific Rubiales - Colombia), using tools that has been installed and pulled several times to perform the operation on 25 wells introducing savings for over 1MM$ on completion equipment and providing important reservoir information to help develop the field. Also this documents aims to become a reference for logging process planning having the right considerations when installing this system on Hi deviated zones (over 60 Degrees)

Evidence explained on this paper helps to conclude that 7" Bypass System installed prove to comply with industry requirements on Hi deviation Wells (over 60 Degrees) and that not only can be run but also by Introducing right redress and inspection process the system can be re used several times (Over 12 times) saving money on completions equipment. Logging on Hi deviation Wells with 7" By pass Systems introduce an alternative for reservoir understanding, promising to have huge impact on the way fields can be developed by having PLT test on wells with these characteristics.

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