For oil wells with high GLR and low potential in mature fields, the production is not only affected by the declination, but also by well backpressure coming from liquid load. This paper presents the plunger lift project results in the Tibu field, North of Santander, Colombia where it was possible to optimize the wells production, with additional reservers according to the natural well depletion curve.

For the wells that make part of the study, the predominant method production was stop cocking that consists in closing well regularly to reestablish well pressure and once the desired pressure is reached, the well is opened until the pressure and production drop. After Plunger Lift implementation, a production increasment was registered, for about 137% up.

The steady production evidenced technical and economic advantages of engineering and technology in the operation field.

Although the plunger lift system in Colombia is not frequently used, the success of Tibu field results gives another alternative to optimize production in Colombia.

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