Results of the optimization in Guaduas Field with the implementation of the Beam Pumping as an alternative of Artificial Lift System. Installation of different equipment and pumping units as required by the well, Long Stroke, Variable speed hydra-pneumatic and Conventional units, subsurface pump, gas separator, and sucker rod design to deviated wells, allowed increasing of oil production between 40-60%.

Guaduas is a field with an ultra-high GOR reservoir and wells highly deviated, typically the field has been produced with ESP, but the gas generated low volumetric efficiency in the pump; besides, wells near at 60 grades of inclination and DLS more than 6 grades/100 ft. The beam pumping was the method that allowed production increasing and reduction of energy cost per barrel produced.

The implementation initially was for five wells, ES-1N, ES-2E, TP-1E, ES-2S and ES-1S, during 18 months, achieving important production incremental, e.g., 520 BOPD to 1009 BFPD.

Gas production was reoriented to internal consumption and local sell processes.

Results evaluation from reciprocating rod lift systems installed opened opportunities for more additional wells and initiation of a benchmarking process regarding other lifting applications in Guaduas field.

Petroleum community knows successful applications with less uncertainty to choose the best Artificial Lift Method to produce their wells; this, increasing oil production and exploring new limits for gas production and high GOR issues associated.

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