A fully comprehensive wellhead completion design which includes the option to install until three pipes (three casings or two casing and one production strings) inside one single housing or head assembly. The objective is to transform the way you use wellheads during drilling, completion and production, changing expenses into savings and improving HSSE conditions.

Any artificial lift system can be used with unitized wellheads. This system also enables quick make up of the BOP, further reducing time spent by personnel working in the cellar. It suspends all tubular products, seals all annuli and controls the flow of produced hydrocarbons. All manufactured to API and ISO standards.

In terms of production, the artificial lift design is key factor to get the proper tubing hanger and tubing head adapter configuration, especially if the method elected is ESP.

No waiting for cement to set on surface or production casings because these are threaded to the last joint of casing and landed respectively.

No rig hands below the rig floor, reducing time under the dangerous environment below the rig floor to align the BOP and hammer up bolting.

No extra costs or safety worries during fracturing operations because wellbore isolation equipment to protect low-pressure components is not needed or install more expensive high-pressure wellhead equipment that will be underused at a later date.

No extra services like welding, cold cutting and high torque, depending on completion program.

Saving significant hours of rig time, every time, which means money saving for wellhead operations, and the well production stage is ahead of its time. These saves can reach until 60-80% in comparision with traditional wellheads systems and operations.

Unitized wellheads can simplify the job, improve safety and save rig time. The result is a system that enables operators to safely move the rig off faster and rapidly transition from spud to oil production in hours, instead of days, without any restriction on the artificial lift system selected equipments.

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