Based on mechanical pumping concept which includes long strokes and low pumping velocities as key factor to improve the lifting efficiency, a first experience in that area (Cravo Viejo Block) with Long Stroke Pumping Units was successfully developed, supplying proven technology and efficient designs and obtaining a high impact in wells with high pumping costs, failure rate and volume & depth wells.

Use of Long Stroke Pumping Systems as economic and efficient alternative to produce all oil wells where operational and energetic optimization is needed for artificial lift methods installed. For this specific case Hydraulic Lift was the traditional artificial lift system.

Since August 2010, nine artificial lift conversions were implemented achieving significant reductions in operation and maintenance costs compared to method previously installed in each well. Important decrease in operational and maintenance cost was achieved.

These savings are mainly represented by reducing of fuel consumption around 67% and 69% in lost production considering fewer corrective and preventive interventions. Besides, the short torque arm of these pumping units resulted in smaller gear reducers and more economical primer movers.

Additional benefits were got because of the improved geometry of Long Strokes Pumping Units like reduction of wearing effect on sucker rod strings and rod pumps components. Compressive efforts (buckling) and rod floating were reduced too because of lower pumping velocities handled.

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