Beam pumping system implementation as alternative of Artificial Lift System to produce the water associated to coalbed methane (CBM), was found for this specific case as the best options in performance and realiability also (production of gas and water, handling of liquid level over the pump and higher run life).

The coal extraction developed in Pribbenow and El Descanso Mines involve degassing of coal stratums and dewatering. An artifitial lift is required to ensure an effective dewatering process and accelerate the gas and water recovery. Since the start of the project of CBM (Coalbed Methane) In Pribbenow and El Descanso Mines has been installed three types of artificial lift systems: Progressive Cavity Pump (PCP), Electrosubmersible Pumping (ESP) and Reciprocating Rod Lift (RRP).

The installation of Reciprocating Rod Lift Systems began with four wells on February 2010 and currently the project has a population of eleven operative wells, and the expansion program includes the completion of eighteen additional wells by 2012 and 2013. Optimum design installed in each well is composed of:

  • – Hydropneumatic Variable Speed pumping units which had proven been the best choice for this application due to versatility in changing production conditions and in order to have a better handle of presented gas bags.

  • – High Stretch sucker rods that has large resistance and also presenting good performance in corrosion environments, these are centralized according to the wear evidence.

  • – Subsurface Tubing Pumps developed for handling high volumes of water and gas and solids production.

The achieved run life with Reciprocating Rod Lift is above seven times the run life obtained with the previous artificial lift systems (PCP and ESP).

This application becomes the first successful CBM project in Colombia and has a high potential for expansion to other areas considering that preliminaries evaluations of the CBM resources of Colombia indicates that there are at least 8 regions with large CBM potential.

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