Nowadays, supporting systems are scattered with several applications, some of them are custom developed, generating redundant and inconsistent data stores and silos across engineering, geo-science and operational domains, making it extremely difficult to access and effectively use data or information. An opportunity exists –by combining the industry’s monitoring and instrumentation capabilities with spatial data management and predictive analytics– to provide real-time operational intelligence, resulting in improved decision making.

This project outlines the development and implementation of a Geo Portal designed to provide information about wells behavior based on Production and Automation Data. The term Geo Portal refers to a map-based visualization tool that enables analysis of complex spatial and tabular data from a user friendly and intuitive web interface, enabling the user to analyze and understand vast amounts of data to make better and faster business decisions.

Through the Geo Portal it is possible to:

  • View active and inactive pumping units and theirs technical characteristics.

  • Verify the last time a well test was made

  • Visualize wells test rate differences

  • Analyze the distribution of wells in downtime

  • Look at Production bubble maps

  • Provide online Diagnosis of pumping status (Combined KPI from Fluid above pump, pump efficiency and others)

The significance of this is that the integration enables an interface for quick, intuitive information retrieval. From an operational perspective, it is a great opportunity to manage field resources with focus on efficiency and maximizing production. Also, it is easy to identify opportunities for field foremen or field managers.

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