The operational capacity of the hydro pneumatic surface units for rod pumping applications is affected when a proper maintenance program is not follow, resulting consequently in premature failures of equipment components, units running out of operation with downtime and increased of corrective maintenance. This whole problem leads to low production of hydrocarbons and hence to a loss of revenue associated with deferred production.

The maintenance plan is also an effective method of allowing a lengthening of run life of the unit and its components, helps identify opportunities to focus resources and efforts, as the correct distribution of technical personal and planning work, thereby reducing the occurrence of faults.

To achieve beneficial results, it is essential to make a detailed analysis of the components that integrate the system and support it with technical recommendations of manufacturers, also, to take a judicious control and supervision of maintenance work and to have the right materials and techniques to be performed.

With the implementation of preventive and predictive maintenance plans, it has achieved operational reliability of the equipment, and although the learning curve is unsurpassed in its totality, has gained the confidence to deal with emergency situations and thus not incurring repetitive failures.

The lack of immediate availability of retrofit, due to poor planning and late repair times of the units, have raised concerns about investing towards the systematization of a maintenance plan, avoiding with this, units running out of operation, achieving customer satisfaction and the opportunity to expand into new markets.

Recent evidence support that through the implementation of an effective maintenance program to hydro pneumatic surface units with a work age of 4 consecutive years may be competent with the current market, condition that can be measured by KPIs such as MTBF and MTTR, based in operational reliability. In the same way, knowing in detail its operation, has allowed the involvement in the development of other applications. This is a real case based in operations in Mexico.

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