This paper is focused on analyzing the behavior of the oil industry in the last years in Colombia, where barrels of oil have increased considerably, both in secondary recovery processes of mature fields, as well as in field development and reservoir with heavy and extra heavy crude, is in this latter, where there is the greatest hope for achieving sustainable increase in reserves and production in the country, which is why it is very important the right selection process and criteria to choose the appropriate artificial lift system, according to the needs required by the conditions of each specific well.

Based on the experience already gained in different heavy oil and extra heavy oil fields in Colombia, will explain what are the best applications results obtained and what is the result of applying new technologies implemented in Colombia, for increased production.

The history of most operating companies shows that these operators focus on selecting different artificial lift systems without performing analysis with all team involved in other areas (such as areas of drilling, reservoir, subsurface, production and maintenance). The reservoir conditions, completion, and other characteristics of the field should be linked globally so that they can determine what is the best application of pumping system, to ensure optimal production of each well in specific.

The ultimate goal of this paper is to establish criteria that help oil companies to determine the proper selection process of the right artificial lift system for the operation and production of fields with heavy and extra heavy crude, and the end of this action, the result is to achieve the desire increase in oil in the field, and to increase oil production and reserves in Colombia.

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