In an electrical submersible pumping system, power cable has a big impact in cost and performance; reuse procedures are established based on electrical test only, not based either on run life of the cable or number of running of the system. In Llanos Norte field in Colombia, OXY started a process to reuse power cable as an optimization cost process with good results, having in mind motor amperage, electrical test results, number of runnings, conductor size, and some other important variables which affect power cable performance.

As a second phase of optimization, failure analysis of cable presented a main issue to solve, because it is not easy to track power cable failures due to sometimes the cable used becomes spliced in many parts. Also, if the cable is reused adds an additional difficulty to the process; so, tracking is a key factor for success.

This paper contains successful story of tracking system, failure analysis and reuse program in Caño Limón as an optimization process to improve cost without affecting electrical submersible pumping systems run life and performance, including lessons learned and good practices.

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