This article describes both the implementation of a structured review process of field performance for managing an existing waterflood in North Kuwait and summarizes how this process can lead to enhanced oil recovery. The aim of the review process, applied to the Upper Burgan and Zubair in the Raudhatain field, is to enhance understanding of the reservoir performance, through the movement of the injected water, and the impact on produced oil based on increasing sweep efficiency. This methodology will identify unswept oil and opportunities to mobilize it to be pushed towards the production wells by enhancing the effectiveness of the injected water to maximize recovery. In this work, we describe a systematic approach, callled WRFM, which is in summary an integrated geology, reservoir engineering and field management review process of all available data in a field. This process has been developed with the purpose of identifying opportunities at both well and pattern level to enhance water injection effectiveness in specific layers of a multi-stacked reservoir field.

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