A case study is presented, by KUFPEC Norway AS in cooperation with Searcher Geoservices AS, introducing an advanced mud gas evaluation workflow (SATLOG). Results from well analyses are used to aid in the screening, ranking and prioritising of business development opportunities in a strategically important KUFPEC core area in the Norwegian North Sea.

The unique SATLOG approach is based on the reprocessing of digitised mud log well data (gases, C1 to C5) along with analysis of available drilling parameters, core data, and both seismic and wireline log interpretation.

The background for this study is a new ventures and business development initiative in a KUFPEC core area close to the Gina Krog and Sleipner Fields in Norway.

In summary, these SATLOG interpretations can aid in re-classifying well results and highlight one missed discovery and indicate a number of wells may have missed oil pay. This information is vital to the in-house KUFPEC Norway evaluation and prioritising of business development opportunities in the area.

The SATLOG (advanced mud gas) assessment was performed on multiple wells, with a focus on the chemical signature present in producing fields and discoveries. This was followed by a detailed comparison to the wells containing oil shows and wells stated to be dry. In the study area, several wells are formally defined as dry with no shows, however, the SATLOG study indicates that some of these dry wells could hold significant hydrocarbon saturation in missed pay and up-dip accumulations on the scale of 100-150 million barrels STOIIP.

In addition, the SATLOG assessment highlights that some areas can be deemed to be of limited interest as lateral barriers or ineffective migration paths are clearly indicated.

The novel aspect of utilising SATLOG together with seismic and wireline interpretation is the ability to cost effectively re-interpret existing data and gain new and vital knowledge of upside potential in new ventures and business development initiatives in strategically important core areas.

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