The aim of the leak detection system (LDS) project was to install and manage a tool able to detect leaks on the Trieste-Visco pipeline, i.e. to prevent potential environmental damage. The Trieste to Visco pipeline is a 10-inch, 58km multiproduct pipeline that is mainly buried and transports refined fuels. The pipeline follows the lay of the land, mainly rural areas, at an average depth of 2,5 mt apart from road and river crossings. The project began in November 2016 and finished in March 2018. The identified solution, Atmos Wave Flow®, using pressure sensors along the whole pipeline and flow sensors at pipeline start/end, coupled with interpretation software can raise alarms providing the exact location of the leak with a +/-50m precision and a 20 l/min, 0.48 % of the nominal transfer flow, leak rate. The project has been managed jointly by KRI and KUPIT IT Group involving technology developed by Atmos International (Atmos). The Atmos Wave Flow® solution includes four different leak and theft detection technologies to assure optimal, redundant, pipeline monitoring: it combines the reliability and accuracy of the mass balance (flow) method with the sensitivity, speed, and accuracy of "negative pressure wave" techniques to achieve the highest sensitivity, location accuracy, minimum response time, and low false alarm rate. The control room operator has been provided with a simple GUI to monitor the pipeline pressure/flow status which raises alarms on leak detection while playing a continuous sound until acknowledgment. The system detected and located two real theft attempts in September and October 2017, during the observation and tuning phase of the project. Following the system alarms, Atmos theft detection engineers analysed the data offline to improve the theft location accuracy to within 300m for each theft event. The theft events occurred during both static (shut-in) and dynamic conditions.

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