This document describes the journey taken over the years by the Milazzo Refinery, together with the Contractors, to achieve and maintain levels of excellence for the health and safety of all workers. The last step in this process was the "Safety Pact" between all parties involved in health and safety aspects. The Pact is updated and renewed every year with increasingly challenging objectives.

The Pact is based on the following innovative methods:

  • STOP - ANALYZE - THINK - DO procedure. It is based on the self-evaluation risk which is a procedure that every employee has to follow before starting any activity

  • Safety "Pills". Short meetings take place on the contractors working area aimed at analyzing good or and bad practice observed during the works execution

  • Housekeeping Coordinator. New role dedicated to manage all the issues related with the housekeeping of the working areas

  • Rewarding system to evaluate behaviours adopted in the working area: bonus/malus points to workers depending on their particular attention for safety.

The Safety Pact was thought and implemented as a first field test during a Major Turnaround (TA) and as a possible innovative tool to define rules and goals between RAM and Contractors, with the purpose of improving safety during turnaround activities and achieving the most important target of ZERO INJURIES. Following turnaround completion RaM and Contractors make a balance of the results analyzing performance index and making plan to improve weak area in the future.

The implementation of a formal signed Safety Pact between RaM dramatically increased engagement of different companies (client + contractors) towards safety and allowed RaM to achieve ZERO INJURIES during the Turnaround activities. Moreover it has been observed an improvement of the housekeeping, a reduction of non-compliances for dangerous behaviour and a widespread application of RaM procedure for scaffoldings.

The success of this kind of approach suggested RaM to adopt the safety pact to every refinery turnaround (both major and minor ones) but also extend it to each single refinery maintenance activity.

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