KIPIC engineering team within Petrochemical project (PRIZe) aims to improve the project design while optimizing cost. PRIZe is executing this objective by following the updated design specifications, latest approved technologies, and enhancing communications with parallel and previous projects to achieve the best practice and avoid any repetitive flaws.


The first approach is by following the updated standards. PRIZe is using Shell DEP standards V41. Although parallel projects within the company are using an older version of Shell DEP standards, PRIZe found that it is best to follow the latest standards while reviewing and providing Project Variations (PV). PRIZe team are also familiarized and aware of the standards for the adjacent projects to assure compatibility of the overall KIPIC design approach.

The second approach is by enhancing the communications with parallel projects within KIPIC and other Kuwait oil companies. PRIZe had conducted meetings, exchanged emails, and established committees to discuss and share any announcements related to design changes. These announcements were beneficial in enhancing the design and optimizing cost. Moreover, KIPIC initiated a "lesson learnt" practice that is circulated between all departments and other Kuwait oil companies to gather any issue that would serve in enhancing the design.

Last approach is by staying alert to latest approved technologies in the market that are related to the project. Technology adds value in improving the design and optimizing cost. Therefore, scouting for latest approved technologies in the field can add significant value to the project. PRIZe has taken this initiative by conducting meetings with vendors for several equipment and packages during the FEED stage. This allowed PRIZe to make prior adjustment to the FEED design to meet these technologies.

  1. DEP for Compressor selection, testing, and installation V41 removed complete unit testing. Usually each test costs around 200,000$.

  2. Project variation was developed reference to the adjacent project. Painting was removed for stainless steel electrical and non-pressurized items as it is no more required. A negative change order of around 2,000,000 $ was obtained.

  3. Steppless Capacity Control technology system was obtained for reciprocating compressors. The payback for a sample compressor was 0.69 years.

Novel/Additive Information

This paper is for all design engineers that works in the project that seek to optimize cost while improving the design.

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