The Innovation & Technology (I&T) group at Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) has been working to build and develop Kuwaiti Researcher capabilities, to be "ready" to execute R&D projects in line with the requirements of the KOC Technology Roadmap. The R&D Planning & Support team has designed and implemented a unique initiative to build this researcher capability, using a DACUM based Structured On-the-Job Training (S-OJT) program. This paper details the capability development program designed by KOC I&T group, to build Kuwaiti Researcher capabilities for the Upstream K-companies.

DACUM is an acronym that stands for "Developing a Curriculum" and involves using a systematic process to analyze and capture a job's duties and tasks, as defined by a group of high-performing incumbent workers. Through the DACUM process, the KOC Junior Researcher job was analyzed and its constituent Duties and Tasks were identified. A detailed training curriculum was defined for each Junior Researcher Task, based on the inputs of Subject Matter Experts. This training curriculum provides information to the trainee, on the Steps that make up each task, resources and trainings required to complete the task, safety information that the trainee must be aware of, and practical learning exercises that the trainee must independently do in order to learn the task.

An implementation process was established to ensure that experienced coaches demonstrated how to perform each task in the actual work setting, while Mentors were assigned to assess and verify trainee learning progress. The advantages in having implemented this program at I&T group included clear evidence-based development, consistency in researcher skill development, and greater trainee motivation.

This process has helped establish a comprehensive and structured training program to develop Junior Researchers in KOC, based on an analysis of their actual work requirements. The training content is developed using internal capabilities, and is delivered by internal coaches and mentors who are well versed with the training curriculum. This Structured On-the-Job Training (S-OJT) program also aligns very strongly with the blended learning principles adopted by K-companies as part of their L&D strategy.

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