Studies by leading organizations highlight the importance of increasing internal talent mobility. Giving talented employees the experience of working in different countries and across diverse roles is a growing trend in developing their capabilities and skills.

This paper describes how Kuwait Petroleum International (KPI), an international subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), is drawing on its long and successful experience in this area to develop proposals for extending these programs to other subsidiary companies in the K-Group (K-companies).

To achieve its objective to become a global integrated oil and gas leader, KPC needs talented leaders with the agility, flexibility and understanding that is developed through mobility. Such experience is especially important for Kuwaiti nationals, who may have limited exposure to working abroad.

Sponsored by KPI, a Work Group has been set up with representatives from across the K-Group to develop mobility proposals for the K-Companies. It has established that global mobility is not feasible on a mass scale and that a diversification program, to provide experience of working in different roles and companies, needs to be developed alongside a global mobility program.

The Work Group has undertaken extensive research to determine best practice in mobility and has analyzed the K-Companies’ 2040 strategic objectives to understand the skills and capabilities required to support their complex activities. It has proposed future targets, based on the historic number of employees in each company with global mobility experience.

It recommends focusing global mobility programs on Juniors and Young Professionals, who have the greatest number of career years left to maximize the return on investment.

The paper describes the different types of global mobility assignments and how a new graduate program for Young Professionals, incorporating global mobility and diversification, will be developed. It also looks at the monitoring required to support participants and ensure that the programs remain aligned with business objectives.

Strong foundations are in place to launch the mobility programs and detailed discussions will be conducted with the K-Companies to refine the proposed directions and targets.

The vision is that, within five years, global mobility and diversification will be fully embedded throughout the K-Group and closely aligned with business objectives.

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