Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is going through many new challenging projects that aim to increase its hydrocarbons production capacity by 70%. The North Kuwait Jurassic Gas Fields project is one of the key projects with unique challenges from the subsurface complex and challenging characteristics of deep reservoirs, high pressure high temperature (HPHT), high in H2S and CO2 concentration-to the design, construction and operating of surface facilities. The Gas Field Development (GFD) group was established in 2007 to manage and accomplish KOC’s desired objectives from the NKJ Gas Fields project. The new group had to recruit manpower and build the required technical skills to address the unique challenges. End of 2010, KOC-GFD entered into an Enhanced Technical Service Agreement (ETSA) with Shell in order to benefit from the International Oil Company (IOC) expertise. One of ETSA objectives is to develop local KOC staff through Knowledge Transfer, whereas challenge was more than 60% of the total GFD population were juniors, i.e. less than 4 years of experience.

The need to fast track the development of the new recruited staff was identified by the management as a critical key element to overcome the project complex challenges. The development of a new approach for staff development using the best of both worlds’ i.e. building on KOC’s training programs and supplementing with Shell Jurassic ETSA Knowledge Transfer resulted in the creation of the Technical Competence Ladder, TCL, framework for all GFD staff in 2017. This technical paper will describe how the Jurassic ETSA Knowledge Transfer

  • progressed over the course of the contract;

  • connected with GFD business objectives;

  • used key methodologies for successful application in the day-to-day activities;

  • promoted a performance-based learning environment;

  • used critical resources with clear accountabilities;

  • was monitored and measured continually;

  • Implemented with structured approached.

The results include the development of Structure and detailed competence skills development program for main subsurface disciplines like: Reservoir Engineering, Petrophysics, Geosciences, & Petroleum Engineering. Each main discipline includes number of specialization and focused sub-programs. The TCL program was implemented, and the Knowledge Transfer are proven. The progress of junior staff competences has been tracked and measured over the years; the creation of motivated and competent workforce has resulted in improved performance and increased team productivity. The overall results reduced ‘existing’ competency gaps within the company, enhanced communication between junior and senior staff, improved staff confidence and work performance. Key examples of success will illustrate the points covered in the technical paper.

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