Maintaining and sustaining reservoir performance and health is a priority that requires ongoing assurance activities that will maximize recovery up to industry best practices. An automated and integrated reservoir performance tool has been developed to provide high-level assurances at both the reservoir and asset level. The Reservoir Management Performance Index (RMPI) is a set of indices that can identify key performance issues involving several aspects of the reservoir'sdevelopment and operational plans. This tool identifies mitigating measures that require action, assures production sustainability, promotes a reservoir-focused organization, and standardizes the reservoir performance evaluation in an organization.

RMPIprovides a high-level overview and a platform for all management and operation levels, where observing the same set of results can initiate collective decisions that improve reservoir management. Such a system was developed for a company to monitor and measure the performance against expected standards and forecasts for the large number of reservoirs in its portfolio. This tool measures multiple aspects of reservoir management grouped into four major categories: Energy Management, Forcasting Relaibility, Reserves Management and Operations.

The tool is tailored to account for various aspects such as: stage of maturity of the reservoir, primary or secondary depletion stage, etc. Each category consists of multiple individual metrics that combine actual field data with targets/forecasts and use an algorithm to calculate a score.

These scores are weighted and aggregated for an overall score in each category and an overall score for the asset/reservoir itself. Several aspects accounted for in the metrics include (but not limited to): pressure management, voidage replacement, water and gas management, production and injection performance, reserves promotion and replacement, current RF, EURF, drilling and workover efficiency, Well-Up time, etc.

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