Greater Burgan Field has been producing from more than 60 years and brings many challenges. The majority of the production comes from Wara and Burgan reservoirs. The Cretaceous Burgan sands are divided into five main reservoirs; two reservoirs consist of stacked, massive fluvial channels, while remaining three mostly consist of delta distributary channels and bays in a tidal delta setting grading to shallow marine. BGSM reservoir is one of the five reservoirs of Burgan reservoirs, which is deposited mostly by braided fluvial systems and is one of the major producers of the Greater Burgan Field. Some of the areas where remaining oil column of BGSM reservoir has become less; the optimization of production has been a challenge. This is due to the fact that due to less oil column; the production shortly becomes water wet and well ceased to produce by vertical or deviated well.

To produce from BGSM reservoir, one horizontal well was drilled in a low potential area for the first time where nearby wells were water wet with short self-flow production life. The planning of this well required to complete the well on the top of reservoir with short later section. To assess the potential of this area, a pilot well drilled and which confirmed around 35 ft. of remaining oil. Based on this horizontal well was planned and drilled with a short lateral. Geo-steering services was used throughout the landing and lateral sections while drilling. The Open Hole Horizontal section completed with 5 1/2″ completion equipment with 26 ICD zones.

The well was drilled successfully with a short lateral of around 650ft. and was completed on top of BGSM reservoir with 5 ½" Advance ICD in open condition with an option to produce in future in BGSU2 reservoir. The well is producing with sustained production of 1200 blpd with 12% water cut for the last one year. The well started to flow to the gathering center with high wellhead pressure.

For the first time horizontal well drilled in a low potential area of BGSM reservoir. The well drilled successfully with an advanced ICD completion. Also for the first time Advanced ICD's where sliding sleeves in BGSU & part of massive BGSM sand were lowered in closed condition (could be opened in future by rig less CTU operation) whereas lowered in Open position in another BGSM Interval which is structurally at higher position and at hill side of the lateral section. The well is producing with sustained production rate and minimum water cut percentage for the last one year. This process will help in future to benefit for all types of horizontal producer wells.

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