The HPHT, sour, deep, fractured and not so fractured carbonate Jurassic formations within the North Kuwait cluster of fields present extraordinary challenges in driving towards an optimized field development that maximizes liquid recovery and meet the gas production aspirations for the state of Kuwait.

The Middle Marrat reservoir has been developed to date with cased and perforated liner completions across the 500- 700ft pay. However due to the high permeability contrast between the different reservoir flow units, the low permeability zones are typically not contributing. This is further exasperated with the inability to effectively acid stimulate large proportion of the net pay with a single stage bullhead treatment especially when the contrast in permeability between the various flow units is higher than one order of magnitude.

Key to successful reservoir management of the Middle Marrat whilst maximizing well capacity to meet the production aspirations is to implement a completion and stimulation strategy that maximizes flow contribution from as much of the net pay as possible. Single stage bullhead matrix acid stimulation treatments like those executed in the past will only stimulate the top decade of permeability. The current 4-1/2" cemented completion ‘plug and perf’ standard will require intensive well intervention to set and drill out plugs in order to selectively stimulate individual zones.

To develop an alternative completion and stimulation strategy for developing Middle Marrat, the first 4-1/2" multistage ball activated sleeve completion system has been deployed successfully in a Middle Marrat deviated development well. 2 out of 3 stages installed have been acid stimulated and flow tested showing excellent results. The operational experience and learnings acquired from the project have provided the necessary confidence to the organization to deploy the technology in tight gas and unconventional reservoirs within North Kuwait, but also challenge the existing cemented ‘plug & perf’ completion and stimulation approach for the development of the more conventional Middle Marrat reservoirs.

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