North Kuwait is an active asset with Sabiriyah Mauddud as the largest reservoir undergoing development using water flood. Initially with inverted 5 spot; followed by inverted 9 spot and ultimately with Produce High-Inject Low (PHIL) concept, Mauddud had witnessed a continuous testing of as to what is the best strategy to maximize sweep & recovery. The current focus is on striking a balance between production and injection so as to beat the impact of delays in water injection projects.

Several techniques for evaluation of rock, pressure-production; fluid/ PVT; injection water quality; segment reviews; network modelling for producer as well injection network have been either matured to top class stature or initiated with the help of IOC consultants. Out of box solutions to have more injection in needy segments; deferment of drilling of new producers in pressure sink areas; ESP upsizes in segments with excellent pressure support or inversely ESP downsizing in low pressure areas had been the tested options without significantly impacting the trajectory of production build up. Due diligence was conducted to have comprehensive integration & optimization of resources and setting up associated priorities based on the depletion indices, injection efficiency and Voidage replacement trend. Exercise was done to assess the volume of water being re-circulated without sweep benefits so as to mitigate via conformance actions. MOCs have been initiated to fast track injection into the reservoir, even before the major project for water injection facility comes up. Opportunities for aggressive dump flood have been investigated and action plan under implementation. Change in scope from producers to injectors in the drilling plan for 2017/18 & 2018/19 have been proposed for the health of the reservoir.

Sabiriyah Mauddud is the single largest producer of oil in North Kuwait since last 2 years as a result of effective water flood management. Grey areas and gaps, as evident from the present performance and upcoming challenging production targets are quickly being bridged so as to encash the subsurface booty of STOOIP in Sabiriyah Mauddud - SAMA.

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