The GC-01 KwIDF system has been deployed in the East Kuwait area of Burgan oil field and includes real time production surveillance instrumentation for wells and production facility. The raw data from the wells and facility is integrated with well and network models in an automated workflow process for surveillance and analysis of the GC-01 production.

The Burgan oil field integrated digital field (KwIDF) automation system utilizes wellhead pressure and water-cut measurements for automated calibration of well and surface network models. The KwIDF system workflow utilizes calibrated well models and real time data to identify changes in GC-01 daily production and reconciles it with the contributing wells. The workflow identifies wells with production changes and associates them with key well and facility parameters for instant diagnosis and analysis of daily production issues.

This paper describes the application of real time data and integrated models in an automated workflow for quick identification and analysis of daily field production.

Examples describe how the workflow has been used in quick analysis and decision making to optimize daily production and achieve sustainable targets in one of the production facilities of the Greater Burgan Field in Kuwait.

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