Currently, Some online tools, which is helping engineers either chemical or mechanical engineering calculation, easly can be accessed as a multifunction toolbox. They do not only propose a rapid online entrée to a wide-ranging of formula utilized in the subject area, but also provide serving as a useful tool for professionals which do not have any access to a complete library or who do not have accustomed skills to locate the formula needed.

Ultimately, the aim of virtual Petroleum Engineering Toolbox is to deliver comprehensive equations and formulas as well as the technical description of 1000 principles to academic communities and industrial segment either petroleum engineering background or not, within an appropriate accessible source in 24 hours a week.

Two core portions of Petroleum Engineering Toolkit are Equations and Technical Guideline / Perusal highlighting over a thousand calculations in Enhance Oil Reservoir, Broad-spectrum Reservoir, Production Optimization, Laboratory Experiments, Well Test Analysis, Well Stimulation, Production/Injection Logging, Thermodynamics concepts, PVT, Fluid flow behavior, Drilling and economics.

Thus far, field data, neither offshore nor onshore are really difficult to access, not only due to located in a remote area, but also the limitation of information sources. Hence, the Technical Guideline/Perusal section is providing the end user in a very convenient manner to serve as a library for reference tables, graphs, and diagrams in petroleum engineering section.

The user friendly and useful guideline illustrates the theory behind the equation used in calculations. By the interface from open source technology, Petroleum Engineering Toolbox is manufactured utterly. PHP Version 5.2.4 and Apache 2.4.9 Web Server build the server side connection. MySQL Version 5.5 creates the database. To navigate the HTML document and generate AJAX request, JQuery Version 1.4.1, a JavaScript library is utilized. And MathJax opensource library make the formula representation.

The current interface of Petroleum Engineering Toolbox is easy and friendly for the user through any PC, Mac, tablet or any mobiles devices. Further, it can be also retrieved by iPhone and iPad as a portable application.

In the past, this kind of complete and universally-available toolbox is not obtainable in the oil and gas industry, thus petroleum engineering toolbox is the first tools which is aiding the oil and gas professionals and the academic municipal.

There are many online petroleum engineering tools that run speedy online access to a wide spectrum of equations. Eventhough, these tools are as a convenient tool in the area of interest for professionals, they have a very limited ability due to only have a few equations for very specific tasks. This makes it very challenging for petroleum engineering students and professionals to locate an equation, since there is not available reference tables and charts all-in-one place. The inconvenience of access to an equation of need when required is a burden for students when they learn, for professionals when they want to remember and use it. It may be even harder for non-petroleum engineers to find the equations of need from many references or books.

An easy and convenience of single-point access to almost all petroleum engineering equations with the plotting feature is available through Petroleum Engineering Toolbox. It is an easy learning and practice tool for engineers with backgrounds other than petroleum engineering. Currently, 1000+ equations are gathered from 50+ petroleum engineering books and now they are all published online at Users can select/search for a formula and enter the inputs to calculate the outputs. They can also plot the results for further analyses. More formulas are being planned to be added.

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