Encouraging results from Lab, simulation studies and single well pilot tests (SWCT tests) using ASP flooding provided confidence to conduct multi well pilot test. A confined, normal 5-spot pattern CEOR pilot is planned. SAMA performance over its waterflood life of 17 years has highlighted reservoir heterogeneity in terms of rock and fluids. The paper describes activities performed during pre-pilot phase of drilling 7 pilot wells to de-risk the complexities expected in this carbonate reservoir.

Drilling of 7 close spacing vertical well within 5 acre required proper planning and drilling sequence. Out of the seven wells, four corner wells are drilled as injectors and center well as producer. Two observation wells within the pilot area include a sampling well and the other completed with fiberglass casing as a logging well. Data acquisition from coring, formation pressure measurement, sampling, H2S measurement and logging is meticulously planned and quality checked.

The main objective of this CEOR pilot is to field test the efficacy of the ASP formulation prepared in the lab. This pilot scale testing would help a better risk assessment and estimate of incremental oil gain due to this technology application. Field-wide implementation of this technology in Sabiriyah Mauddud and other reservoirs in NK will depend on the success of this CEOR Pilot. All 7 EOR pilot wells were successfully drilled despite many challenges using industry’s best practices. Enormous good quality data was generated during drilling of these wells which will aid in understanding the complexity of reservoir within small pilot area and help in implementation of Chemical EOR in Sabiriyah Mauddud reservoir. All the information generated during pre-pilot will be utilized for starting up this CEOR pilot.

EOR in carbonate reservoir has been a challenge for the oil industry. These challenges and related risks are mostly attributed to the complexity of reservoir description. Good quality wells and exhaustive information generated during pre-pilot phase did provide valuable insights to de-risk and ensure proper implementation of the Chemical EOR pilot project in a carbonate reservoir which will be a harbinger for North Kuwait’s efforts to exploit EOR reserves.

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