To compliment the vision of His Highness Sheikh Sabah AL-Ahmad AL-Sabah to cover 15% of Kuwait's peak load with renewable energy by 2030, the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC) Strategic Directions 2030 encouraged the perusal of alternative and renewable energy sources and encourage conservation efforts. KPC established the Solar Energy Technology Utilization Team (SETUT). The objective of the team was to identify improvement opportunities relevant to solar energy technologies within Kuwait's oil sector, and to enable KPC and its subsidiaries (K-Companies) to play a more active role in energy saving by developing an effective action plan for utilizing solar energy technologies in K-Companies' facilities.

Our initiative in Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is to support the SETUT and K-Companies in their role and responsibilities to review the energy consumption and the recovered solar energy production from renewable energy projects, and to track the progress of their projects to be proactive on making decisions to achieve 15% of the total energy needs from renewable energy sources by 2030.

This paper explores the contents of design and implementation of a dashboard initiative to support on reporting the renewable energy information such as energy consumptions vs. solar energy productions, and to track related projects progress through a milestone view. Now, Stakeholders of KPC can see all the actual & planned energy consumption and production, and can track solar energy projects progress of its own and its subsidiaries, where each stakeholder of a subsidiary can see only their own one. The dashboard is not limited to only solar energy projects, however, it can be fed with other projects data such as Green Building that has good impact on the environment, and it's ready to include any organization in Kuwait who contributes in renewable energy production to cover 15% of Kuwait peak load by 2030.

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