Acid stimulation is the means of improving the well productivity in hydrocarbon production wells. Carbonate formations are tolerance to wrong acid stimulation practices, and Kuwait reservoirs are not exception. Matrix stimulation for carbonate reservoirs is one of the most frequent operation in KOC. It is always associated with operational and technical challenges in order to select and design the proper stimulation method. The main challenges are selecting the acid type, concentration, dosage and diversion method, besides selecting the most suitable stimulation technique for each individual well and formation. It was important to create an adequate procedure to unify a solution for the faced challenges. Programming a software that provide a full acid stimulation program has been done by KOC Well Surveillance Group "First of its kind in KOC". The software is built based on KOC data base for all carbonate wells. These data went through a sequence of analysis and been grouped based on; reservoir's rock properties, fluid properties, reservoir's pressure/temperature, fluid compatibility, and formation lithology. By using the Software, the user will be able to overcome the mentioned challenges. In addition, the software is able to define the corresponding treatment radius (rs), diverter type (chemical or mechanical diversion, polymer or non-polymer based fluid), pre and post flush dosage and type, and prediction of liquid gain after the well stimulation.

As a result, the variation in stimulation designs based on different level of experience and knowledge will be eliminated. Thus, the chemical dosage will be optimized from technical and operational prospective, which will reflect on the job expenses. The software is divided to five windows: two Coiled Tubing windows and two Bullheading windows (Mechanical Diversion and Chemical Diversion), and Matrix Volume Calculator window; which helps to calculate the required treatment dosage in order to cover the desired treated radius, given the casing OD and reservoir porosity.

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