The optimum development of the Deep Carbonate reservoirs in North Kuwait is key to achieve KOC's gas production targets. To optimize (future) production and accessibility of the various Flow Zones within the Target MT formation, KOC has selected a 4.5" mono-bore design to complete the North Kuwait Gas wells. To further improve understanding of production contribution from different flow zones and to enable selective stimulation and effective testing of flow zones, a trial was conducted in a new well to install a 4.5" 15K rated open-hole Multistage Completion (MSC).

The well trajectory was designed with all directional work done before the reservoir section. The deviated reservoir section was drilled successfully to the planned TD. A three stage MSC with a long tail string (for future access to deeper reservoirs) was successfully installed. The bottom and middle stages were successfully stimulated and production tested. Stimulation and testing of the upper stage is planned for the future.

To build on the success of this first trial another candidate well has been identified and a second 15K MSC system is expected to be installed in the second half of 2017.

This paper describes the best practices and the learning in planning and installation of a first successful open-hole MSC in a High Pressure gas well in Kuwait, as well as recommendations for future MSC installations in deep high pressure gas wells with large variations in reservoir caracteristics.

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