The Kuwait Oil Company is developing the North Kuwait Jurassic Gas fields in order to increase domestic gas supply. The reservoirs are difficult with deep, poor quality reservoirs under high pressure containing H2S and CO2 leading to significant challenges. KOC entered into an Enhanced Technical Service Agreement (ETSA) with Shell in order to benefit from IOC expertise and to optimize the development. Some 40 Shell staff work with KOC. A core element of the ETSA is to build and enhance KOC's staff competencies to develop the North Kuwait Jurassic Gas fields. This professional competencies development program is done through the application of various training and coaching activities.

KOC has an established and well-structured competence assessment and training regime for all staff under their employment. Shell, with its wide experience in sour and High Pressure/High Temperature (HPHT) gas field development, is well placed to complement and build on this important competency development process. Shell has embarked on a journey to shorten it's time-to-autonomy by transitioning from traditional classroom training to providing structured development programs including on-the-job-training, blended learning and coaching.

The paper will describe how training and coaching activities were selected for KOC's North Kuwait Jurassic Gas team, how they were implemented and monitored, and what the critical success factors were.

Shell's training and coaching program to the North Kuwait Jurassic Gas team have started five years ago with a steady increase of activities year-on-year. The multiple years' implementation of the North Kuwait Jurassic Gas competency development program have allowed for learnings, review and fine-tuning of the program. The paper will address the most important elements for a successful training and coaching program in this unique partnership. This contains of four elements, the role of management and business; type of training and coaching event; staff's own involvement and training program management.

The paper will show how an IOC supports an NOC to enhance staff competencies in a challenging technical area, how this training and coaching plan is being managed and executed and what are key elements to consider.

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