Ultrasonic waves have been used for improved oil recovery especially from the marginal well in so many area all over the world. The main mechanisms of the seismic pulses from ultrasonic waves is to supply oil molecules by energy to overcome capillary forces there by restructuring the relative permeability curves increasing the oil mobility. Monitoring these changes is very important for increasing the mobility of oil even after residual oil saturation achieved by water flooding.

The present work discusses and investigates the laboratory effects of ultrasonic waves on the relative permeability curves by measuring it before and after applying the pulse waves. Six core samples was used from Egyptian homogeneous reservoirs, these cores are sandstone and carbonate, their permeabilities range from 67 to 460 md. In this technique. Acoustic ultrasonic waves of 500 KHZ was applied in cores is this research. At this frequency, the fluid vibrates out of phase with the solid and is forced out through the pore structure in the agglomerate. This relative fluid motion to exert high viscous stresses at the particle-particle contact points which leads to fracture of the agglomerate and the dispersion of the individual particles.

The interaction of the generated waves with the fluids in the pores causes changes in relative permeability of the rock to oil and water, which may lead to improve the rate of oil production. Therefore, the results showed that applying ultrasonic waves has a higher effect in low permeability reservoirs (75 md to 460 md) and can mobilize additional quantity of crude oil. The fractional flow curve changes are also addressed and analyzed after ultrasonic wave applications.

The ultimate aim of this research is to investigate the effect of the ultrasonic wave as new proposed method to improve oil recovery by changing the relative permeability curves of the reservoirs. Moreover, it can be used to determine and investigate the recovery mechanisms for improving oil recovery.

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