With strategic target to produce 200 MBOEPD and become operator of 20% of the daily production asset by 2030, KUFPEC conducted several internal transformation initiatives to achieve them. One of them was the decision to build integrated corporate Information Management System (IMS) for Exploration and Production (E&P) data to improved decision-making efficiency. The paper will explain the strategy, reason and technology used to implement the system. It will also provide benefits and lesson learned from the implementation.

Prior information management system, the company relied on manual process and shared folder. This led to inconsistency among asset teams within the company. It also consumed technical resources time to manage the data and create report for management. Integrated information management system was new in the company. Building information management system from a scratch was a challenging task and could take a significant amount of time. It required strategic approach that allow the company to reap the benefit earlier. Therefore, the company selected to implement information management system for production data first. Production data was among main driving factor for decision-making because the company was mainly involved as non-operating partner.

The company selected ProSource as the solution for integrated corporate information management system. The solution footprint covered most of E&P domains data. It allowed the company to expand the corporate information management system to other domain later. As part of change management, the company created a new Technical Support Department that will oversee the integrated corporate information management system in the company.

During project implementation phase, the support and commitment from the asset teams were high. They supported the project by providing data and active participation in the project. They realized that the project would bring benefit to them and was important for their routine works. The support was very important because they are the owner of the data. They are also the end user of the system once it was implemented.

With the system in place, the production data was stored in a secure and easy to access database. This increase data integrity and confidence of the data. Engineers from different asset team have unified interface to access the production data securely. This reduced learning curve if an engineer was moved to other asset team. It also increased data visibility, accountability and transparency. Production data were available to any body that has permission to access, from engineer to top-level management. Reports were standardized according to the company other initiative. Petroleum Engineers have more time to analyse the data rather than loading and managing the data.

After the benefit realization of information management system for the production data, the company decided to implement information management system to Geology and Geophysics domain later on.

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