Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), an upstream subsidiary of Kuwait Petroleum Corporation (KPC), is in the business of exploration & exploitation of hydrocarbons in the state of Kuwait. While it ranks amongst the major oil companies of the world by virtue of its oil reserves & crude oil production, due to an inherently low GOR of its flagship oil fields, Kuwait has not been very gas-rich and has been compelled to practically utilize all of its produced gas in order to meet its needs. The gas utilization presently ranges in excess of 98.8% which translates to a flaring level of a little above 1% of the produced gas. The plan is to reduce flaring further down to < 1% soon by increasing the gas utilization to over 99%. Managing sour rich gas is KOC's biggest challenge since its utilization (or flaring) is largely dependent upon availability of gas sweetening and/or sulfur recovery units. Increasing LP:HP ratio has added another dimension to the challenges being faced by KOC. This paper discusses KOC's endeavours & strides in meeting the gas flare reduction challenge.

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