KwIDF is a complex cross-domain solution consisting of a fully integrated infrastructure which supports field instrumentation, automated workflows and ergonomically designed collaboration solution. This paper describes virtualization technology and associated improvements in processes that will improve the Digital Oil Feld infrastructure resources and allow KOC's Corporate IT Group with tools to achieve more flexibility in delivering business critical data that translates into decision-ready information and collaborative support.

After three years of operation, data volumes are increasing rapidly with multiple workflows driven by multiple applications and the current infrastructure is not adequate to provide optimum performance. Added to this, complex workflows are planned for the next stage of development which will demand performance that the current system will not be able to deliver.

Though there are dedicated servers for each application, it is difficult to manage the application servers and storage. Therefore, it is essential to build a robust infrastructure for the current and future environments which will only become more complex with the onset of advanced workflows and exponential increase in the volume of data.

This paper describes the virtualization solution for Kuwait Digital Integrated Field infrastructure which will improve the utilization of resources, enable high availability and provide better disaster recovery solution. The solution will include the SCADA industrial network and the corporate user network which will allow KOC to achieve measurable business benefits such as reduction in the cost of IT Infrastructure while improving performance and reliability

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