North Kuwait Conformance Control task force team initiated to control the uniformity of the flood front of the injected drive fluid during an oil recovery flooding operations, which helps to reduce unwanted water production, enhance recovery efficiency, and to satisfy the reservoir management and environmental objectives. In addition, it will delay pre-mature water breakthrough at the producers on short term and maximize the water flood recovery on long term.

Initiatives & new approaches made by field development NK to improve the water cycling and poor sweep occurred as a flood matures with time, which considered as one of the key challenges to control the water production increase. Production/injection philosophy was redeveloped to add further strengthen our ongoing water flood performance improvement integrated efforts. Tackling the high water cut wells, drilling efforts to horizontal sidetracks, and workover of vertical wells conform to the new waterflood strategy have been taken up as ongoing efforts. In addition, some runs made using MA dynamic model to generate prediction scenarios to investigate the response of MA conformance control. The runs showed a positive impact which improve the oil recovery & reduce the water production subsequently.

Most of the key producers showed an excellent response as a result of water conformance control application. Many successful cases were observed which have been resulted in water cut reduction and oil production increase. Continues monitoring and follow up is required to achieve the desired well rates so as to reduce cycling of the injected fluid while maintaining or even increasing oil production. Water and oil production responses are under a continuos monitoring as well as injection analysis and reservoir pressure response.

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