By using Persistent and Daily Digital Oil Field Diagnostics techniques a KOC FD team transformed a 5 year closed well, into a 2000 mdb Oil Gain with a remarkable 0% water cut also been achieved.

Historically wells completed in Complex & heterogeneous carbonate reservoirs always surprised the NOC NK FD team with distinctive behavior and anomalies, noting also that the NOC's North Kuwait field is on the threshold of embarking upon a strategic ambitious water flood expansion and a systematic increase in injection volumes.

Within this process of increasing WI volumes the team realized that it is essential that producing wells are continuously analyzed with the latest Digital Field dynamic data and tangible decisions are made to manage the Voidage-Replacement Ratio. It was during this review process that Well-M was recognized to have a potential added value opportunity

This paper outlines both DOF technical review and management process's used in transforming what was seen as a DEAD and closed well into a daily valuable contributor to the NK asset and assist KOC meeting its production goals.

The paper closes in lessons learned and the next steps to embed this process into KOC's management processes.

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